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Most of what was found in the archaeological excavation has been packed and  Archaeological Prospection Case Study Uppåkra Uppåkra is considered to have been southern Sweden's largest and longest lasting Iron Age settlement site. Håkan Aspeborg, Lund University, Department of Archaeology and Ancient History,. Box 192, SE-221 00 Lund/Arkeologerna, Statens historiska museer,  5 Sep 2017 Archaeological research on the Iron Age regional centre site of Uppåkra has revealed an occupational history lasting over 1,000 years, from  Uppakra. These are links to webpages concerning artifacts from the site of Uppakra in Sweden.

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The first excavations at Uppåkra took place in 1934. While workmen were preparing the foundation for a house, they discovered cultural layers, several metres thick, with traces of the inhabitants who had lived there for generations. For many years Uppåkra had a somewhat mythic status among archaeologists. The main objectives were to define the World Heritage in both cultural and natural aspects; to enlist Sites and Monuments from the member countries which are of exceptional interest and universal value, the protection of which is the concern of all mankind; and to promote co-operation among all Nations and people to contribute for the protection of these universal treasures intact for future Uppåkra is situated approximately 5 km south of Lund in the Southern part of Sweden. A large number of archaeological materials identified from Uppåkra.

Delprojekt 4. Visualisering och levandegörande av kunskap och forskning från Uppåkra. Uppåkra erbjuder mycket bra bevaringsförhållanden av makrofossilt växtmaterial, där framförallt förkolnade sädeskorn och fröer bevaras.

Fynden i centrum : keramik, glas och metal från Uppåkra

Arkeologiska undersökningar i Stora Uppåkra. (Uppåkra 1999:3; Vol. Uppåkra 1999:3).

Uppåkra archaeology

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Uppåkra archaeology

For many years, Uppåkra was something of a place of legends for archaeologists. But it was not until 1996 that the site became relevant for archaeological  2017-feb-21 - Visning: Barbaricum. Internationella kontakter, religion och makt i Uppåkra. Lund Studies in Medieval Archaeology Ett lokalt sockencentrum. Rikedomar ur jorden. Lunds Universitets Historiska Museum. Det medeltida Uppåkra och  (not yet rated) 0 with reviews - Be the first.

In summation: if you are interested in an excavation display, you are welcome to visit Uppåkra in September. Uppåkra is located in the Southern part of Sweden known as Iron Age (c. 500 BC to 1000 AD) site in the Scandinavian perspective. Central place theory is basically a geographical theory that seeks to explain the number, size and location of human settlement in the urban system and it defines archaeological sites with a combination of political, economical and religious functions.
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Uppåkra archaeology

During four days in the fall of archaeologists at the Swedish National Heritage Board, Department of Contract Archaeology UV Syd , conducted a trial excavation  Later archaeological excavations prove with the 23 000 significant findings and traces of a pagan temple that Uppåkra used to be the economic and political centre  Uppsatser om UPPåKRA. Sök bland över Sökning: "Uppåkra". Visar resultat 1 - 5 av Nyckelord :Metal detector; legislation; Gudme; Uppåkra; archaeology;. MALÅ helps redefine Archaeological research. 01.06.2011.

Career prospects. 2019-09-24 Archaeology Laboratory in Umeå (Miljöarkeologiska Laboratoriet) revealed several house remains in the targeted area, the most distinctive being a house which upon investigation would prove to differ greatly from all the other buildings investigated at Uppåkra to this … Archaeology; course ARKM21 20201 year 2020 type H2 - Master's Degree (Two Years) subject. History and Archaeology; keywords 3D/4D GIS, Archaeobotany, Uppåkra, Digital Archaeology, Visualisation language English id 9025571 date added to LUP 2020-08-17 … 2018-12-10 2014-06-17 2015-05-28 case study Uppåkra conducted in September 2010 and April 2011.
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General tours of the settlement Metallhantverket i Uppåkra ? en studie av ett hantverksrelaterat material Bengtsson, Henrik () Archaeology. Mark; Abstract The aim for this essay is to identify and distinguish the metal casting of Uppåkra during late Iron Age by examine related material that primarily consist of finds made with a metal detector. The gold-Figurefoils (“Guldgubbar”) from Uppåkra, in Larson, L. (ed.) Continuity for centuries.