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It was a wildly popular trend in the U.S. in the '80s and early '90s, but the practice has since waned, due to the fact that, as NPR put it, it became "less of a feminist statement and more of a bureaucratic nightmare." Cite in-text a hyphenated last name as you would any other reference, but leave out suffixes. Abbreviate and hyphenate the initials if the author has a two-part, hyphenated first name in both in-text citations and in the references. APA gives the examples of "V.-G. Nguyen" in-text and "Girard, J.-B." in the reference list.

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You have to change it with other organizations, such as the Social Security Administration, and you have to deal with the ramifications privately and professionally. Part 1 Hyphenating last names can be a reasonable settlement of name change issue after marriage! Hyphenating your name with your spouse’s, despite its many concerns can be a solution to your dilemma of ‘whether-to-change-the-name-post-marriage-or-not’. Should you do it? Here's all you need to know. It’s the same when you hyphenate, with a slight difference: When you keep only one name, a stranger doesn't immediately know whether your name is your maiden name or your spouse’s name. Nowadays, plenty of women are opting to keep their own last names after they get married.

Sometimes with hilarious results. It won’t take you long to see what we mean, when you get a load of some of these funny last name fails.

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Monogram for two last names. Hyphenated. Saved by Kimberly Webster. 12.

Hyphenated last name

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Hyphenated last name

You have to change bank accounts, credit cards, insurance policies, You may have to A hyphenated last name is a combined last name of two spouses. A hyphenated last name my also be called a double surname or double-barrelled surname.

Even after changing to a hyphenating last name, one may want to use either of the two names for the sake of convenience. Spelling your name over the phone is a huge chore. Again, someone who hyphenates with shorter names might have a different experience from mine, but every time someone asks me to spell my last name 2020-04-29 · Nowadays, plenty of women are opting to keep their own last names after they get married. But for more compromising brides, the next best option is a hyphenated last name.
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Hyphenated last name

But it did make it a little difficult, didn’t it?

The hyphen is a short horizontal mark of punctuation ( - ) used between the parts of a compound word or name, or between the syllables of a word One mark of professionally set type is the correct use of hyphens, en dashes, and em dashes. Learn how to make and use them properly in your documents. One mark of professionally set type is the proper use of hyphens, en dashes, and em dash Who knew that a hyphenated last name could bother people (especially men) so much that it makes them comment.
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“My mom’s last name is hyphenated because she has pride in her family and culture. Combine the last names into one word when using a filing system. For example, for the hyphenated last name “Smith-Jones,” enter the name as “Smithjones” into computer filing systems that do not allow for hyphens. Do not enter the first name in the hyphenated name into the middle name section. 2018-08-25 2010-07-21 2021-03-30 2011-11-24 2015-12-21 I have a hyphenated last name that has caused me no shortage of problems, from social security and IRS issues, to a mortgage initially being denied. The problem is that some systems don't support hyphens and others do. I have found that most federal and state government systems don't acknowledge the hyphen, so a space is usually best.